Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ultrasound Pics

So, we finally went to the store and scanned in the ultrasound pictures! The ones above are from our 7 week appointment and the ones below are from our 12 week appointment. I am amazed at the drastic difference! Our baby actually looks like a real baby now! Let's just hope that head really isn't a huge as it looks. :)

Profile shot above and below baby is looking at us.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Justin's First Post

The weekend before last we decided to go to the city. "The City" of course is Washington D.C. We went to the Museum of American History. I think this is my favorite thing about living here. We have a relatively suburban existence in Northern Virginia but when ever we want we can hop on a train and a half hour later we are in the most powerful city on Earth. After we left the museum we were both starving. Rachel is eating for two and well, I'm always hungry. So we set out north from the Mall in search of some food. We came to Pennsylvania Avenue and crossed the street. In the process of looking both ways I saw what you see above. By my reckoning that's about a mile away. I was taken aback. I stopped Rachel in the middle of the intersection and pulled out our trusty camera. There was a pedestrian island in the middle of the most powerful street in the most powerful city on Earth. I imagine the people in the cars going past us were rolling their eyes and muttering "tourists" under their breath.

I decided to post this as a blog because I kept seeing this shot straight down Pennsylvania Avenue in the Inauguration coverage. Man, I've been there. I kept thinking to myself. I can go there tomorrow. It's really hard for us being a thousand miles from our families. I won't say this makes it worth it and I won't speak for Rachel but I will say this helps me. It mitigates things. This place is huge and loud and hectic and scary and expensive and distant. But that view makes me love it here.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Big Announcement!

I'm sure most of you already know but.....Justin and I are expecting our first baby!!! We found out the day before Thanksgiving but kept the secret as a Christmas present for our family while they were here. The baby is due July 30, 2009 and while I haven't quite figured out how to post the ultrasound pictures, I am going to post my baby bump pictures on here so everyone can follow our progress. My awesome sister bought me the Belly Book so I will be taking belly pictures weekly to keep in my book. Here are the first couple of pictures (we only started taking pictures a few weeks ago).

10 belly really.

11 weeks....still not much of a noticeable change.

12 weeks.....I can't button my pants anymore. :)