Sunday, August 29, 2010

Father's Day

For Father's Day this year I thought I'd try something crafty to give to Justin that Gareth and I could do together. So, I came up with the idea to get some letters and take some pictures to spell out "Daddy".  It took me a really long time to get the right pictures! Gareth didn't want to look at the camera or hold the letters. Seems like an easy task, to get a baby to hold some letters for a few seconds while you take a picture, but it was really really hard. First, here are the bloopers and then I'll show you the finished product.

Take it back Mommy
At first he was happyish

Then he got an attitude
Then he crawled away
Then I got his monkey out to try to make him happy worked!
And then we were at square one again...
"All done...right?"
"Yeah, I'm not sitting on that blanket"
I finally got him to hold the "D"
I decided I wasn't sure I liked the inside pictures so we tried outside....

Afterwards, I picked the best ones and edited them a bit. Here are the finals!

This Summer

So I haven't really posted much this summer because frank;y, I haven't had the time. So now, I will play catch-up with what we've been up to this summer. Here is our summer in a nut-shell:

After we moved into our new house, we didn't do much for a little while...
...Then it was Father's Day
...Then it was 4th of July
...Then we went to NYC for Hunter's birthday
...Then it was Gareth's 1st birthday!
...Then it was Justin's birthday
...Then we went to a New York Red Bulls game
...Then we went to Dogfish Head Brewery and the beach!

I'll post pictures and details from all of this in the next few posts. Hope you enjoy it!