Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mini Crustless Pumpkin "Pies"

Today I made a pumpkin pie for G's daycare Thanksgiving feast. And as you may know, last time I made a pumpkin pie, it didn't turn out so well because I over-filled the crust. Well, this time, I made sure NOT to over-fill the crust and ended up with about a half-a-second-pie's worth of filling. Now, I don't like to let things go to waste and my wonderful husband loves pumpkin pie so much that I came up with a little solution to my too-much filling problem on the fly.....individual pumpkin pie souffle things. Ok, not such a great name for these, I know (hence the revised name in the title of this post) and I'm not even sure this qualifies as a souffle since I've never really had one. BUT, I do know that they were pretty freakin' delicious (I have a second opinion to back me up). Here's the "recipe":
- about 3 ramekins worth of pumpkin pie filling (exactly how you would make it for the actual pie)
- 1 1/2 graham crackers (1 for each "pie")

I buttered the dishes, crushed 1 square of graham cracker into the bottom of each, and evenly distributed the filling. I baked these about 40-50 minutes on 350 (similar to the pie baking temp and time) until they were done. Then, I let them cool and topped with whipped cream before eating them. I do have to say, if I were to make these again, I would eliminate the graham cracker part because it didn't add anything to the flavor for me (Justin liked it though). Otherwise, they were really easy and really yummy.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I need to give this blog a makeover.

It's been a loooong time since I've updated the look of the blog. I definitely need to change the banner picture but I'm kind of feeling a total overhaul of the look of the blog. Any ideas?

I went ahead and tried out the new template's OK. I wish I knew how to make blog templates...that's not on my list of skills quite yet but I'm sure I can teach myself how to do it. That would be awesome if I can figure it out! We'll see though. Branding and logos are more of my thing...I'm not so skilled when it comes to html coding.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Recipe Review: Tilapia w/Peach BBQ Sauce

I decided to mix it up this week and make something totally different from what I usually make during the week for dinner. I found this Paula Deen recipe online and decided it sounded pretty yummy. Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as it sounded. The first thing that should have caught my attention is that the BBQ sauce called for oil. Now, I don't make many BBQ sauces from scratch but I don't think BBQ sauce usually has oil. Leave it to Paula Deen to add oil to something that really doesn't need it. Instead of trusting my instinct and leaving the oil out, I put it in because, frankly, I thought if I didn't I might somehow mess up the recipe. ....I should have left the oil out.....I spent most of the cooking time skimming oil off the top and I now feel like I swallowed an oil slick. Awesome.

Besides the oil, the BBQ sauce was pretty tasty. I added a few more spoonfuls of brown sugar at the end to make it a bit sweeter but overall, if I left out the oil, I'd probably make it again. I served mashed potatoes and green beans on the side which brings me to fail #2 for this meal.....Note to self, never buy Betty Crocker mashed potatoes ever again. They tasted OK if you can get past the rubbery texture. Honestly, I expected more from Betty Crocker.

So, verdict is, I won't be making this one again. Better luck next time.