Sunday, June 21, 2009

I love being crafty!

Since we don't really have many decorations for Gareth's room, I decided I wanted to make something to put above his crib on the wall. At first, I thought I would do letters to spell his name and paint them in fun colors. But then I realized that EVERYONE that is having a baby right now is doing letters. So, I found a cute idea that still uses his name but is a little more original. The final product will look similar to this. But I am doing a 12"x12" size and I'm using circles. I had to order the shadowbox frame for it because I couldn't find it in the store so I am slowly assembling all the pieces and I will put the all together when the frame arrives. Here's what I have so far....

These are some of the dots I am going to use. Most of them will be plain blue or plain polka dotted (like the one in the corner of the picture) but I wanted to incorporate the puppy theme into this a little bit.

This is the background with Gareth's name. It's hard to tell here but the paper is a little shimmery and so are the letters (but not too much).

Just an update on me and the baby, I think I have officially begun the nesting stage and I usually hate to clean but everything in our house right now is grossing me out so I've been cleaning and organizing a ton. According to our childbirth class, nesting means delivery is right around the corner. Hopefully, it's not too close around that corner because we still have a lot to do before Gareth makes an appearance! 6 more weeks to go! I also just realized that we forgot to take a belly picture for the week yesterday. So I guess that means I will be putting on makeup and putting real clothes on later for that picture. I'll post it when we have it.


Hunter Beezley said...

YAY for nesting!

cheryl said...

i hope its not too soon too. i still dont have a ticket! Happy fathers day justin

Alyssa Baker said...

Ok so I LOVE the puppy circles! Can't wait to see his room finished! Did anyone get you those cute puppy wall hangings on your registry?

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