Saturday, June 13, 2009

I love it when a plan comes together. Or: A plan is just a list of things that will go wrong.

Hello blog people. We got our crib in today. We took the VW to Babies R Us in Falls Church because I thought to myself, "How big can this thing be really?" Well apparently the boxes they put these things in are about 40% bigger than the biggest piece of the crib because there was no chance that it was going in the VW. Before we even left our friend Kelly offered to loan us their truck. I said "NAH- It'll fit no problem."

So after leaving Falls Church crib-less with our tails between our legs our wonderful neighbors let me take their truck all the way back up 395 to pick up the crib. Apparently these "trucks" are meant for putting large objects in and driving around with them. Who knew?

This was the most traumatic part of the whole process. Once I got the crib in the front door it was just a matter of opening the box and taken the pieces upstairs to Gareth's room. This was probably the easiest thing i've ever assembled out of a box.

Anyhow, the room is almost finished now. Enjoy the pictures!

This will count as this weeks belly picture unless she-who rules me says otherwise.

(P.S. the USA Men's Soccer Team is competing in the Confederations Cup in South Africa this week. They kick off against the defending world Champions Italy on monday around 3pm EST on ESPN. You all should watch it since I know none of you has anything better to do. =P)

(P.P.S. Rachel and I both sold out and signed up for twitter accounts you can follow me @Justinsaysthis and rachel @rbrightbill. I plan on tweeting from the delivery room. I may lose a cell phone and an arm, but anything in the name of social media!)


cheryl said...

i love the "she who rules me" line the room is looking great. ps...we took a couple balls with us to the orphanage in India. the kids had never played with one. maybe someone could come teach them how to play soccer??

Jennifer Davion said...

The room looks great and I love the name Gareth! It's very origional. Hope your sweet baby arrives healthy and happy! Also, thank you for your encouragment on rad. tech.

Alyssa Baker said...

It looks great! Can't wait till Gareth gets here!!

Rachel said...

I do approve of this being the 33 week picture

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